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Caregiver Jobs & Careers at Home Instead – Boulder/Broomfield County – Lafayette, CO

Home Instead is a home care agency, located in Lafayette, CO. We recently sat down with Rianne, Recruiter and Engagement Coordinator, to learn about their caregiver jobs and get the skinny on what they offer. Below is a summary of our interview and you can learn more about applying to jobs with Home Instead –Continue reading “Caregiver Jobs & Careers at Home Instead – Boulder/Broomfield County – Lafayette, CO”

Florida Nursing Home’s Now Hiring PCA’s. What Does That Mean For You?

As the effects of the global pandemic continue to impact staffing shortages across the country, Florida has taken action to relieve some stress for nursing homes struggling to fill shifts. Unlike restaurants or grocery stores who can shut down or limit operations due to the lack of employees, nursing homes are faced with the difficultContinue reading “Florida Nursing Home’s Now Hiring PCA’s. What Does That Mean For You?”

Minimum Wage By State

Are you wondering what the minimum wage is by state? Here’s a quick reference as of March 2021. Please note that the current administration is working towards a Federal increase of $15 per hour.  Caregiver pay and wages for certified nursing assistants may vary. If you’re looking to get a sense for what companies are payingContinue reading “Minimum Wage By State”

How Can I Get The COVID-19 Vaccine? Caregiver Guide To The Vaccine By State.

We’re glad you’re here! We’ve consolidated all of the links to find access to information about the COVID-19 vaccine and how you can receive it. Many certified nursing assistants working within a community or hospital setting may have already received the vaccine. However, many home care workers have not.  Here’s what we know so far aboutContinue reading “How Can I Get The COVID-19 Vaccine? Caregiver Guide To The Vaccine By State.”

CNA Practice Test

Now that you’ve completed your CNA training program, it’s time to take your CNA Final Exam Test. You’re getting close to being able to work as a CNA, the fastest growing job in America! You can prepare for your state written test with myCNAjobs’ nurse-written CNA Practice Test. Practice tests are one of the mostContinue reading “CNA Practice Test”

CNA Final Exam Test

What is the state CNA exam? The CNA Final Exam Test is a tool that measures Nursing Assistants’ nursing skills and knowledge. After completing the CNA program, it is necessary to take the CNA Final Exam Test to become a CNA. Studying for the Certified Nursing Assistant exam may be difficult, but it can beContinue reading “CNA Final Exam Test”

CNA Practice Written Exam

After completing your CNA training program, you’ll need to take the CNA Final Exam Test to become a CNA. The CNA exam is separated into two sections: a written exam and a clinical skills test. The written portion of the exam uses multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of the nursing concepts that you learnedContinue reading “CNA Practice Written Exam”

Free CNA State Exam Practice Test

You’re pursuing your CNA, congratulations! Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a wonderful accomplishment, with many job opportunities in care settings including home care, senior living and in hospitals. To become a CNA, after you’ve completed your CNA training program, you need to pass the CNA final exam test. The exam will test your skills,Continue reading “Free CNA State Exam Practice Test”

How to Answer 3 Tough Interview Questions for Caregivers

This is an excerpt from a Comprehensive Caregiver and C.N.A. Interview Guide.DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE GUIDE HERE (IT’S FREE…AND AWESOME). Now that you have an interview set up, you’re probably wondering what some common interview questions for caregivers are. Jump over to our Interview Guide and let’s take a look at three toughies and how to answer them: 1) Tell meContinue reading “How to Answer 3 Tough Interview Questions for Caregivers”

Caregiver Responsibilities When Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caregiver responsibilities can vary when working with a patient who has Alzheimer’s disease. This condition presents a new set of challenges in a caregiver job, which can be difficult and rewarding at the same time. Maintain Their Safety Among the many caregiver duties, ensuring the client’s safety is a high priority. Some Alzheimer patients have a tendency to wander awayContinue reading “Caregiver Responsibilities When Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients”

myCNAjobs Nursing Scholarship Program for CNAs

<< VIEW 2016 SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS HERE >> 2012-2015 Scholarship DetailsmyCNAjobs is committed to supporting the education of up-and-coming certified nursing professionals in the United States. Our CNA scholarship program is for students currently pursuing a certified nursing assistant degree with plans to enroll within 60-days of the application deadline date. AWARD Each awarded scholarship isContinue reading “myCNAjobs Nursing Scholarship Program for CNAs”

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