CNA Job Guide: How to Transfer Your CNA License to Another State

A common question of CNAs and HHAs is “What happens if I move out of this state? Will my certification be invalid?” In most cases the answer is, no, you will not lose your certification. Majority of states have “reciprocity” plans in place which makes transferring your certification possible. So, when moving to a newContinue reading “CNA Job Guide: How to Transfer Your CNA License to Another State”

Understanding the Difference Between CNA and STNA

Sometimes getting the acronyms of this industry seem like alphabet soup – but let us help you straighten it all out! Today, let’s check out the difference between a CNA and an STNA. And don’t worry – it’s actually super easy. Let’s start with CNA. CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant, and their role is typically providing non-medical,Continue reading “Understanding the Difference Between CNA and STNA”

How to Dress for a CNA Job Interview

Congratulations on landing that CNA job interview! Before your interview, make sure you’re fully prepared—you printed copies of your resume, you have the contact information for your references and directions to the interview, and your outfit is ready for the big day. What you wear to your caregiver or CNA job interview might be an afterthought, but it’s importantContinue reading “How to Dress for a CNA Job Interview”

How to Answer 3 Tough Interview Questions for Caregivers

This is an excerpt from a Comprehensive Caregiver and C.N.A. Interview Guide.DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE GUIDE HERE (IT’S FREE…AND AWESOME). Now that you have an interview set up, you’re probably wondering what some common interview questions for caregivers are. Jump over to our Interview Guide and let’s take a look at three toughies and how to answer them: 1) Tell meContinue reading “How to Answer 3 Tough Interview Questions for Caregivers”

Caregiver Responsibilities When Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caregiver responsibilities can vary when working with a patient who has Alzheimer’s disease. This condition presents a new set of challenges in a caregiver job, which can be difficult and rewarding at the same time. Maintain Their Safety Among the many caregiver duties, ensuring the client’s safety is a high priority. Some Alzheimer patients have a tendency to wander awayContinue reading “Caregiver Responsibilities When Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients”

State Laws for CNA Jobs – CNA to Resident Ratios

Recently, I was asked a question about state laws regarding CNA jobs. The person asking the question wanted to know if there was any law that stated a maximum number of residents that could be assigned to one caregiver at any given time. GREAT question! The answer is yes, there are laws that regulate that sortContinue reading “State Laws for CNA Jobs – CNA to Resident Ratios”

myCNAjobs Nursing Scholarship Program for CNAs

<< VIEW 2016 SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS HERE >> 2012-2015 Scholarship DetailsmyCNAjobs is committed to supporting the education of up-and-coming certified nursing professionals in the United States. Our CNA scholarship program is for students currently pursuing a certified nursing assistant degree with plans to enroll within 60-days of the application deadline date. AWARD Each awarded scholarship isContinue reading “myCNAjobs Nursing Scholarship Program for CNAs”

What NOT to Wear To Your CNA Job

You probably read that title and thought to yourself, “But we all wear scrubs to work, so how could you wear the wrong thing?” Fair question, but the reality is that some folks can even mess scrubs up, and it affects how clients, staff, and nurses perceive them. Dress well for your Certified Nursing Assistant job andContinue reading “What NOT to Wear To Your CNA Job”

10 Amazing Caregiver Job Quotes

Sometimes grand and profound messages come in small packages. Inspirational quotes are often times short and sweet, but they hold a lot of power and influence when received at the right time. For people with caregiver jobs, it’s not a bad idea to have a mental store of inspirational quotes that are relevant to the challengesContinue reading “10 Amazing Caregiver Job Quotes”

A History of the Nurse Aide

I would be willing to bet that most nurse aides out there don’t realize that nursing assistants have been around since WWI. Am I right? There’s actually quite a bit of exciting, interesting history in this field. We thought it might be fun and motivating to take a trip back in time and learn theContinue reading “A History of the Nurse Aide”