Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Alicia (Right at Home)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Bert at Right at Home in Colorado. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

Alicia has surpassed all the ideals of what a caregiver is, what a caregiver’s demeanor is, the very stereo-typical results of what a caregiver is. Her past life experience and emotions have made her such a successful caregiver to any client she takes care of. She is one I would want by by my bedside if I needed assistance. Once you get into the inner parts of Alicia, you realize that every bone of her body is HEART! She has the biggest compassion for people, and knows how to motivate them, knows what they need without them even knowing what they need. You know sometimes when you know a baby needs a bottle or a diaper change – you just sense it as a mother. That’s Alicia – she just has that sense of what people need.

So many times Alicia will be on a case, and will be requested for the entire case. And if Alicia clicks, she will drop everything for that person and make sure they are taken care of. She wants to teach any caregiver who is involved in her client’s care so that they know how that client likes it, so as to give her client peace of mind when she can’t be with them. She is by far someone that needs to be nominated as a recognizable caregiver, because she’s more than that…she just cares.

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