Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Desa (Home Care Assistance)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Reanna at Home Care Assistance in Texas. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

While it is difficult to come up with one specific situation that demonstrates Desa’s positive impact on her clients, one instance comes to mind. She was at the end of a shift and was preparing to leave, when her client suffered a seizure. Desa called 911 and stayed with her client until the paramedics arrived. She then accompanied her client to the hospital and stayed until the family got there. Her limitless dedication to her clients, day in and day out, is heartwarming. She has endured many personal setbacks and hardships, yet she is always dependable and her clients love her. She is most deserving of recognition and reward for her passion for and her devotion to her clients.

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