Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Elizabeth (Encore Caregivers)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Marilou at Encore Caregivers in Texas. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

This caregiver accepted a case that was difficult. The husband was primary caregiver for his wife. She was refusing to eat and refusing to follow instructions from her physical therapist. She was bed-ridden. She was not improving. Neither were happy — until Elizabeth came along. She turned the entire situation around, for the better.

The wife began to eat, she began to sit up, she began to follow along with her physical therapy regimen. The case was extended to a live-in. The husband was thrilled and began to resume his personal commitments outside the home, like an overnight fishing trip. Wouldn’t you know, early, the morning of the fishing trip, Elizabeth got up and wanted to beat the garbage man so the garbage would be picked up on schedule. She stepped outside with the garbage and the door closed and it locked behind her.

The facts: she was in her nightgown, her client’s husband was out of town, her client was not ambulatory and couldn’t help her, and Elizabeth’s cell phone was locked inside the home. What would any fantastic caregiver, concerned for her client’s safety and well-being do? You guessed it. She backed up, took a running start and broke down the door. When the husband heard about the situation, he laughed and said that he knew, no matter what, Elizabeth would put his wife first. He hugged her for her dedication. Now, at the office, we call her “The Linebacker”! That “linebacker” has a heart of gold and great skills to match. She definitely goes above and beyond.

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