Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Frankie (Senior Helpers)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Brandy at Senior Helpers in South Carolina. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

Frankie has gone above and beyond as a caregiver. She drove over an hour for a 9 pm to 7 a.m shifts for a couple of days to be with a client that was waiting for God to call him home. After her last shift with this client we pulled her immediately on an emergency live-in situation that next day in the afternoon. This client was potentially still Covid positive, but she had no one and her husband was in the hospital. Frankie did not pause and went to our client’s aide and was an immediate blessing for her and the family. Unfortunately the client’s husband passed and Frankie has been a constant support for her and has never left her side. She has driven her to get tested so she could see her husband’s body, as they could not get test results in time for her to say goodbye. I thank God that we have such a devoted and loving Caregiver on our team!

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