Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Kari (Home Instead)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Krystal at Home Instead in Arizona. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

Have you ever received a phone call from a grown man in tears? That’s exactly what happened to me when our candidate was initially selected as our caregiver of the month. The husband of a past client had received word from our candidate because they have maintained a friendship since the passing of his wife. He asked to speak to me and was so chocked up about the monthly award that he couldn’t hold back his tears. This “angel on earth” as he described our caregiver was much more to him and his family than just their caregiver. She became the smile they needed in their darkest days, the hand that was holding on when death was coming near and the voice that still sustains this family months after the client has passed for this now widowed man.

As a newer owner to Home Instead, I knew that this was exactly the experience we were hoping to create with a client and caregiver relationship. It was our first monthly winner and she quickly became the front runner for our caregiver of the year. Since that time, this client’s husband has submitted a formal write up about his experiences that we would be honored to share. He has called the office numerous times excited to learn that we will be recognizing this caregiver in our local office at our holiday caregiver meeting and has asked to be present to see her awarded. He may even fly his own daughter in for our local event because he feels this caregiver is now a part of their family and that they should be here to celebrate and support her. Our office is thrilled that our caregiver has made this type of impact on this family…but she has made this impact many times over. Family after family acknowledge what this one man summarized so well during my first call with him. Angel on Earth is precisely what she is offering to families every time she walks through the door.
This caregiver sees 3 clients regularly. In two of the three cases, she serves as the primary or lead caregiver for the family and to the office. She is the one that we use for any fill in shifts for these clients or in cases of medical appointments because of her trust and relationship with the client. She is not afraid to take the lead during any shift, but especially during her regular clients. She proactively contacts the office about changes and any needs for the client in the home that may need to be communicated to the family. Families have a high degree of trust in her as well, which is comforting for them and builds a strong connection to the Home Instead experience. Her leadership ensures we have strong client retention because clients & families love familiar and trustworthy caregivers.
When I first met this caregiver, I was immediately taken by her poise and professionalism.

I was a new owner and I was meeting every caregiver that was part of the team in the business we had purchased. I quickly learned her name and skillset as a ‘go to’ during our early days. She was the first caregiver of the month we selected as owners because during our first 30 days of ownership, this caregiver quite frankly “saved our hide”! She already provides care to 2 regular clients, but during our first month as owners, this caregiver completed 10 additional fill in shifts and shared her caregiving talents with 7 new clients! She was up for any challenge, any situation, any time of the day! She did back to back shifts, overnight shifts, personal care shifts and hospice care. There was not a situation we put in front of her that she declined or was unwilling to try. Since that time, things have calmed down here at the office but she remains our go to for first impressions or closing the gap on needed care because of her extreme flexibility and willingness to help in every type of case. I’m not sure how we would have made it those early days–but I was thrilled to meet and know she was on our team! She will forever be remembered for her help and compassion not just to our seniors, but to us as newer owners trying to figure things out.

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