Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Lora (Homewatch CareGivers)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Angelime at Homewatch CareGivers in North Carolina. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

I am writing this letter in support of Lora, being recognized as a caregiver hero. Lora, who is a CNA has worked for Homewatch Caregivers for the last three years. When hired, Lora was an experienced caregiver caring for elderly and chronically ill clients.

As a member of the caregiver team, she goes over and beyond providing physical care. Over the past two and a half years, she has gained his trust and respect by making him feel safe, and comfortable, while assisting with his daily personal care and assisting with his home service needs. She has taken the caregiver lead ensuring all the caregivers are informed and knows what is expected.

Lora possess rare individual qualities: compassion; the ability to problem solve; and to work independently. Lora is the epitome of a hero caregiver. Additionally, she provides outstanding care, rarely calls out, she stays over to cover call-outs or comes in early. She does a great job; we know because her client says so. She was been assigned to care for a client for 2.5 years, every day; Monday through Friday and every other weekend. He lives alone and requires round the clock care.

In 2019, the client was placed on Hospice Care and received additional bad news related to his health; however, Lora would not allow him to give up. She led the team with keeping his spirits up and doing whatever she could to make him comfortable. Then in January 2020 when his Hospice care was suspended because he was improving, the client said he and Lora would be fine. He said as long as Lora was scheduled things would be fine. Then in March 2020, COVID-19 happened; however, the client said to his family, “I will be okay, I have Lora”.

Lora kept her shifts with the client, again leading the caregiver team making sure household chores were completed (due to weekly housekeeper had to suspended services) while providing care to the client. He was no longer walking or able to turn without assistance. However, Lora was instrumental in getting him to try the mechanical lift again by explaining how nice it would be to share Sunday dinners in the dining room instead of his bedroom. She started preparing Sunday dinner per his request, using the mechanical lift to get him out of bed into his recliner to enjoy his meal sitting up in a chair instead of in bed. Since they started eating Sunday lunch together, the client has been less depressed and is more engaged in his care. The client looks forward to Sunday dinner with Lora almost as much as she has enjoyed preparing the meal. During one of my home visits, the client asked me what I was doing the weekend, I shared nothing. He then with a big smile and grin started telling me about his Sunday dinner plans with Lora. He added didn’t you know “I was her second Husband?” It has been a pleasure working with the client and Lora witnessing their caring relationship. This relationship is much more than a client and caregiver and it has been a rewarding and wonderful observation especially during this time of isolation. Lora wears a hero cape each shift she works and is very deserving of the recognition.

As a CNA, and a member of our Homewatch team, Lora remains up-to date on skills and information related to her certification. She maintains an upbeat and positive attitude which helps clients feel more relaxed and comfortable. Lora also possesses an understanding of personal care, housekeeping and how to help clients with everything they need throughout the day and week. As Lora’s supervisor, I have enjoyed working with Lora and therefore, it is without hesitation I write in support of her being recognized as Caregiver Hero!

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