Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Robbin (Hummingbird Home Care)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Karen at Hummingbird Home Care in Ohio. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

Robbin is one of our best caregivers. She’s been with us for nearly two years and has repeatedly gone above & beyond for our clients. Robbin is assigned to our most difficult cases; she has a special heart for hospice care and clients dealing with advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

When 28 yr old Robbin isn’t at work, she’s raising her 4 younger siblings because they’re parents were deemed unfit. This includes virtual learning now because of the schools being shut down. She sacrifices so much for her siblings, and when life tries to knock Robbin down, she bounces right back up with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. After saving money for over a year, Robbin bought a car 6 months ago so that she’d have reliable transportation for herself as well as her siblings. Last month, she was carjacked at gunpoint on her way to work an overnight shift. When I reached out to comfort Robbin & offer support, I was amazed to hear her say “I’m going to be ok, because when you’re down, you’ve got nowhere to go but up.” I shouldn’t have been surprised– RESILIENT is Robbin’s middle name (or at least it should be!)

Recently, Robbin was working at the home of a husband & wife that are clients of ours. The husband began to behave oddly and became very disoriented and unsteady. Robbin called 911 and the husband was taken to the hospital where he tested positive for Covid-19. Robbin stayed at the house with the wife, who has advanced Alzheimer’s and becomes especially anxious without her husband at home. Once we were informed of the husband’s positive test result, all of our caregivers were removed from caregiving & sent for testing. This included Robbin. The couples son assumed care of his mom, but called us within 48 hours asking if we could resume care. Robbin, whose test results had come back negative, immediately volunteered to go there to care for the wife. She stayed overnight, and the following day, the wife became disoriented and unsteady as well. EMS was called again, the wife was taken to the hospital, and she tested positive for Covid-19. Two days later, Robbin’s new Covid-19 test came back positive.

For Robbin, caregiving for the most vulnerable and needy supersedes everything else. She willingly chose to put her own health at risk so that her clients will be happier and well cared for by her. She truly is a superhero!

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