Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Robin (Home Helpers)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Barbara at Home Helpers in California. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

Robin is consistently caring and thinking about ways to make life easier for all of her clients. She cared for one of our veterans, an Army nurse on hospice, twice a day making sure she was clean and ready for the day and then ready for bed in the evening. This client lived with her son’s family. When the family went on vacation, they used respite care in a facility and Robin was asked to visit her there. Robin did that happily even though it was a 45 minute drive each way. Robin participated in our client’s 100th birthday party, taking family pictures and giving them to the family.

Robin cared for another client and was with him when he passed. She went to the hospital with his wife and stayed with them until the end. Robin came into our office afterwards to explain what happened, in tears over the loss of her client. His wife and his children appreciated Robin’s caring and empathy during that time.

Robin does this with each one of her clients. She will fill in at a moment’s notice if needed and I have many clients who have had Robin as a substitute ask for her back.

Robin was the first caregiver I hired. She has helped in the office when needed, she has consistent good ideas for helping all of my caregivers do better in their jobs and ideas for how we can make the caregivers feel appreciated and rewarded for their jobs.

She is consistently excellent in her work, cheerful and fun to be around. I can truly say she is a friend and an excellent caregiver

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