Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Rod and Chat (Carefree Home Care)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Leslie at Carefree Home Care in California. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

Rodrigo and Charito (Rod and Chat as we call them) are an amazing caregiving power couple which is why we couldn’t just nominate one! When one is assigned to a client, that client gets the compassion and dedication of both, as they are always there to support each other with the clients and their families.

Rod and Chat moved from the Philippines to America in 2003. Not only does their culture center around respect and care for the elderly, but their education, experience, and sincere love for their clients and their clients’ families makes them the top two caregivers at our agency. Both Rod and Chat help with each other’s clients and become emotionally invested to the extent that they feel as though their clients are their family as well. They even spend Thanksgivings, anniversaries, weddings, and other holidays and important events with their clients!

Their goal when caregiving isn’t just to get from day to day; it’s to do the things — big and small — that keep their clients as mentally and physically active and healthy as they can be. Chat is gentle, proactive, and attentive with her clients, and Rod is kind, cheerful, and motivating with his. They have a very similar style of caregiving, which is helpful, loving, and uplifting. Every single client that has had the pleasure of working with Chat and/or Rod has loved them not only as caregivers, but as friends or family members; they still keep in contact with their clients’ loved ones years after their client has passed away.

To know Rod and Chat is to adore, respect, and appreciate them. Their love for their vocation shows in their work and in how they carry themselves. Best described in the words of a client’s daughter, Colette, told us, “Chat and Rod were both a godsend to our entire family, especially my 93 year old mom, Evelyn. We are thankful to Leslie and the staff at Carefree Home Care for finding them for us. Chat was more than just an exceptional caregiver, she was a friend and buddy to my mom. She sat with her for hours watching her favorite NBA team, the Blazers, and I’m not sure Chat knew much about basketball but would cheer and celebrate with my mom. My mom loved her outings with Chat and Rod. Because of Chat and Rod, my mom was able to our daughter’s wedding. I am grateful beyond words for that day. It was one of the happiest days of my mom’s life. She passed 2 weeks later. It’s was very sad to say goodbye to my mom and just as sad to say goodbye to Chat and Rod because they both had become part of our family. Any family that has the honor of hiring them will truly be blessed”.

Rod and Chat share so many positive qualities and traits. They are both passionate, dedicated, ambitious, compassionate, diligent, giving, charming, honest, and uplifting. Additionally, Rod is quirky and fun, and Chat is calm and loving. On their own, they are incredible people; together, they complement each other so well in a way that enhances the other.

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