Beyond A Care Job – Featuring Taunya (Constellation Health Services)

This is an entry to recognize a top caregiver in the industry, submitted by Jennifer at Constellation Health Services in Connecticut. Please join us is recognizing a care job well done.

The pandemic certainly brought change, and Taunya has been able to make life easier for the families she serves. She has taken on the role of many.

She has the approach of more than just a hospice aide. She is now their caregiver and their family. She had taken all that into stride and her care tactic with them.

Taunya was able to fill the void for a particular family who’s daughter didn’t have access to facility due to the pandemic. Taunya spent the time with her mother, fed her, dressed her, bathed her, read to her, listened to music with her, painted her nails, took her for strolls in her wheelchair and got her addicted to hot chocolate. All the things the daughter wished she could do but couldn’t. She was extremely appreciative of Taunya.

The family found great comfort knowing Taunya was with their mother. The daughter knew that if Taunya was going to be with her mother that day, that she was going to have a good day.

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