Caregiver Jobs & Careers at Right at Home-South Hills of Pittsburgh and Oakmont, PA

Right at Home is a home care agency with two locations in the Pittsburgh area: the South Hills/Washington County and Oakmont, PA. When they started the business 7 years ago, they learned that the average level of caregiver satisfaction in the in-home care business was only 6.9 on a scale of 10.  This single statistic was all that was needed to know about why it was difficult to recruit and retain excellent caregivers. Determined to change that statistic, Right at Home set about a very careful plan to increase the support and improve the environment that caregivers would work in. The theory was that if they hired the right people with a caring soul and supported them beyond any previous experience they have had in the business, their self-satisfaction and satisfaction with their employer would increase dramatically and, in the process, the quality of care to the client would go up proportionately.  For the last 7 years, Right at Home’s caregiver satisfaction level has never gone below a 9.5 earning them the national caregiver satisfaction award. However, their biggest reward is knowing that our clients are receiving top-notch care from carefully selected caregivers through the support they need to do an exceptional job.  

We recently sat down with their team to learn about their caregiver jobs and get the skinny on what they offer. Below is a summary of our interview and you can learn more about applying to jobs with Right at Home-South Hills of Pittsburgh and Oakmont, PA.

What roles are you hiring for right now (i.e. caregiver jobs, CNA jobs, home health aide jobs)?

Right at Home-South Hills of Pittsburgh and Oakmont, PA is currently hiring caregivers at all levels of experience and certification, including CNAs, as we offer both companion and personal care services.

How many caregiver positions do you have open and what territories are you hiring within? 

Right at Home-South Hills of Pittsburgh and Oakmont, PA is actively looking to hire great candidates. In the McMurray office, current open positions are available throughout the South Hills (Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Baldwin, Castle Shannon, Whitehall, Bridgeville, McMurray) as well as throughout Washington County. In the Oakmont-based office, open positions are available in the Oakmont, Verona, New Kensington, Penn Hills, Plum, and surrounding areas.

Tell us about some of the benefits offered to your team members.

Right at Home-South Hills of Pittsburgh and Oakmont, PA offers an array of benefits including:

  • Highly competitive hourly rates
  • We paid very large hazard pay bonuses in 2020 and 2021 for COVID-19
  • Monthly gift card bonuses
  • Detailed paid orientation
  • Shadowing before going solo
  • On-site assimilation for every new client
  • PPE is issued and delivered to you in individual packages
  • Director of Client Services and Client Liaison Associates support 24/7
  • Continuous training
  • Associated with Presbyterian SeniorCare and other care communities

Do you offer roles for caregivers with no experience or do you offer any unique caregiver training programs?

Yes, we hire caregivers with no experience and, as stated above, we hire caregivers with a broad range of experience and certification levels. COVID training, orientation skills assessment training, and ongoing training as the client needs is also provided. We are also experts on managing clients living through cognitive change.

If you’d like to learn more, here are a few resources:

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