Caregiver Jobs & Careers at Smart Doc – Tampa, FL

Smart Doc is a home care agency located in Smart Doc – Tampa, FL. We recently sat down with their top recruiter, Greg to learn about their caregiver jobs and get the skinny on what they offer. Below is a summary of our interview.

How many caregivers do you currently employ and what roles are you hiring for right now (i.e. caregiver jobs, CNA jobs, home health aide jobs)?

Smart Doc – Tampa, FL employs around 50 employees and is currently hiring caregivers, state tested nursing assistants (STNAs), registered nurses (RNs), and home health aides (HHAs).

How many positions do you have open and what shifts are available?

Smart Doc – Tampa, FL is actively looking to hire great candidates. With a few open positions, Immediate part-time opportunities are available.

Tell us about some of the benefits offered to your team members.

“New company. We plan on offering “full” benefits, such as hospitalization and paid holidays, among others.

What is unique about working for your company? Describe a benefit or something about your culture that someone may not know from reading your job ads.

“We are small and innovative. Anyone coming on board now has the potential to grow and perhaps become an executive in this company, depending on ability and motivation.

What qualities do you look for in hiring a great employee?

“Dependability and versatility.”

Describe any training or career path opportunities you may offer, including if you’d like to recruit people without past experience that want to learn to care for others.

We plan to include training as a benefit. All candidates are welcome, including those starting out in this field.

If you’d like to learn more, here are a few resources:

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