Caregiver Responsibilities When Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caregiver responsibilities can vary when working with a patient who has Alzheimer’s disease. This condition presents a new set of challenges in a caregiver job, which can be difficult and rewarding at the same time.

Maintain Their Safety

Among the many caregiver duties, ensuring the client’s safety is a high priority. Some Alzheimer patients have a tendency to wander away from the home, so caregivers should keep a watchful eye on their client. Make sure doors are locked and neighbors are aware of the client’s habits. Other caregiver responsibilities include making sure the home is safe; consider childproof locks on cabinets and doors, closely monitor use of kitchenware and the stove, keep medicine locked up, etc.

Stick to a Schedule

Performing your caregiver responsibilities (eating, bathing, watching set TV programs, etc.) at a set time each day can help create a routine. Even taking the client to the bathroom at the same time everyday can help create consistency and avoid accidents.

Be Calm and Patient

When working with Alzheimer’s patients, it’s important to be cool, calm and collected while performing everyday caregiver duties. Seniors with Alzheimer’s sometimes have “off days” where they are disassociated with present. It’s important to be patient and understanding during these times to avoid agitating the client further.

To further your caregiver training with Alzheimer’s patients, see the Alzheimer’s & Memory Care modules.

Have you worked with a patient with Alzheimer’s? How were your daily caregiver responsibilities affected?

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