CNA Job Guide: How to Transfer Your CNA License to Another State

A common question of CNAs and HHAs is “What happens if I move out of this state? Will my certification be invalid?” In most cases the answer is, no, you will not lose your certification. Majority of states have “reciprocity” plans in place which makes transferring your certification possible.

So, when moving to a new state, simply follow the simple steps in this guide and when you’ve finished, you will be CNA/HHA certified in your new home!

Step 1: Transfer Your Certification

The first thing to do is get in touch with your local State Nurse Aide Registry and request an “Application for Enrollment by Reciprocity.” As mentioned, most states have a reciprocity plan in place, which means you do not have to take a new state exam. However, there are a select few states which do not have reciprocity requirements, in which case you will have to take the state licensing practical and theoretical exam in the state to which you are transferring. 

Step 2: Supply Identification

Your new state’s registry will most likely want verification of your identity, as well as an application fee. You may be required to provide (by mail or fax):

  • Driver’s license
  • Social security number
  • Current CNA or CHHA state license 
  • Recent employment information
  • Educational proofs
  • Background Check

Please note that this process is not identical state-to-state, so it is prudent to contact your local Nurse Aide Registry and confirm details of what materials to send and by what means you should send them! 

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