CNA Knowledge Practice Test

Becoming a CNA is a calling and there are reasons why you are pursuing this path. If you are overwhelmed with studying, remind yourself why you answered the call to become a CNA and believe in your abilities. We believe in you at myCNAjobs and that is why we worked with a nurse to create a multiple-choice Free CNA State Exam Practice Test! While there is no way to know exactly what questions will be on your final written test, ours is similar in design and difficulty, the more you practice and review the material, the more likely you are to pass.

The CNA Final Exam that you will take will be separated into two sections: a written examination and a clinical skills test. The written portion uses a multiple-choice format to test your knowledge of the nursing concepts and knowledge that you learned in your CNA training program. You normally have 90 minutes to complete 60-70 questions, but this can vary by state. Some of the concepts that will be covered in the exam include Nutrition, Activities of Daily Living (ADLS), safety and clients rights. To help prepare for the written part of your final exam, it’s important to take a CNA Practice Written Exam so you know what to expect. 

Taking a CNA Practice Test is a very effective way to study for your final exam. By taking practice tests, you won’t feel unprepared for your final exam when you take it. You can take the CNA Knowledge Practice Test offered at myCNAjobs at your own pace on any device to practice the knowledge that you’ve learned in your CNA training program. The CNA Knowledge Practice Test available on myCNAjobs is free and you can take it an unlimited number of times. 

When beginning to study for your final exam, you should build a study schedule that works for you. Depending on your schedule you might want to study daily or weekly. Whatever schedule you pick, it’s important that you hold yourself accountable and stick to it! 

When taking your myCNAjobs CNA Knowledge Practice Test, you can view correct & incorrect answers as you go through the multiple choice questions. By knowing quickly which answers you got incorrect, you’ll know where you need to focus your studying so you do not get those answers wrong on the final test! 

Once you have passed your exam, you will be placed on your state’s registry of CNAs, and you can begin your career as a CNA anywhere in the state. Being a CNA is a rewarding position with many job opportunities in care settings including home care, senior living and in hospitals.

P.S. Many companies hire care workers to work a care job before they get their CNA license. If you’re looking to grow a career in care, you can check out caregiver jobs that don’t require a license here. You can also get your caregiver certification for free if you’re exploring a caregiver job for the first time. 

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