CNA Practice Written Exam

After completing your CNA training program, you’ll need to take the CNA Final Exam Test to become a CNA. The CNA exam is separated into two sections: a written exam and a clinical skills test. The written portion of the exam uses multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of the nursing concepts that you learned in your training program. The exam tests the skills, knowledge, and ability levels of CNAs to ensure that you can perform your tasks safely when you’re caring for someone.

Taking a CNA Practice Test is one of the most effective ways to study. You don’t want to walk into your test unprepared. You can prepare for your written exam with myCNAjobs’ nurse written, Free CNA State Exam Practice Test. If you want to get the biggest benefit from your CNA Practice Written Exam, you need to make sure you’re using this test prep resource correctly. 

Here are some tips that will help: 

Practice the Final Exam Experience

Make the experience of your practice test resemble your future real exam. Find a quiet place to take your practice tests and turn off your cell phone.

Take the Whole CNA Practice Written Exam

You may not have time to always take the full practice test while studying, but be sure to take the practice test in its entirety a few times before you take the real exam.

Learn from Mistakes

Taking a CNA Knowledge Practice Test will help you to identify your weaker areas and where you should focus your study time. In the myCNAjobs practice exam, you will be able to view correct & incorrect answers. By knowing quickly which answers you got incorrect, you’ll know where you need to focus your studying so that you can get it correct when you take the exam again! 

Time Yourself When Practicing

A challenging part of any test is completing it in the designated time. Set a timer before starting your CNA Practice Written Exam. Normally the test length of the written portion is 90 minutes to complete 60 questions, but this can vary by state. 

You can take the Free CNA State Exam Practice Test exam from any device. You can use your cell phone, computer or an iPAD. Don’t stress if you don’t pass your practice exam the first few times, you can take it as many times as you want to prepare for your big day!

P.S. Many companies hire care workers to work a care job before they get their CNA license. If you’re looking to grow a career in care, you can check out caregiver jobs that don’t require a license here. You can also get your caregiver certification for free if you’re exploring a caregiver job for the first time. 

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