Easterseals Arkansas is Hiring Direct Support Professionals

We came across a company that really impressed us by their compassion for care. Easterseals Arkansas is focused on advancing the abilities of not only their clients, but also for coaching up their employees through free training and career development. We wanted to share their story!

Who is Easterseals Arkansas?

Easterseals Arkansas is a pioneer in the field of providing services for children and adults with disabilities. We guide individuals to reach for and realize their goals of independence and empower them to live, learn, work and play in their communities

Tell us about the types of jobs and caregiver career paths at Easterseals?

Easterseals offers a variety of caregiver career paths, including home and community based care, teaching assistant/paraprofessional and in-patient care.

What does the typical day look like for one of your Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)?

A typical day for one of our DSPs can vary from day to day to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.

What are the daily duties of a DSP in your Community Waiver Program?

Duties of a DSP in our Community Waiver Program range from personal care needs to taking clients out in the community to integrate them and promote their independence.

What make Easterseals Arkansas such a great place to work?

Easterseals Arkansas is a great place to work because of our rewarding mission, flexibility, competitive benefits and opportunity for growth that we offer.

What is Easterseals doing to keep client/patients and staff members safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We follow COVID-19 health and safety guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Arkansas Department of Health. Employees are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and now it is available to the adults we serve.

Do you offer any caregiver training?

We offer CPR training and other training opportunities to help our caregivers offer the best care to their clients as possible. We also offer 11.5 hours of training through Relias. We selected courses that are aligned with the required training by our licensing agency (DHS). Also, there is opportunity to earn professional CEUs through the learning platform.

What are some unique and exciting benefits offered as part of working for Easterseals?

In addition to our competitive benefits package, employees may get the COVID-19 vaccine (as mentioned above) and there are also unique opportunities to become involved with our events that showcase the milestones and accomplishments of our clients.

What qualities do you look for in candidates pursuing work with Easterseals?

We look for individuals who want to work in a rewarding atmosphere and for individuals who have a passion for making people’s lives better and those who exhibit empathy and compassion for others.

You can apply for all jobs in your area, including Easterseals Arkansas, Here.

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