How to Dress for a CNA Job Interview

Congratulations on landing that CNA job interview! Before your interview, make sure you’re fully prepared—you printed copies of your resume, you have the contact information for your references and directions to the interview, and your outfit is ready for the big day. What you wear to your caregiver or CNA job interview might be an afterthought, but it’s important to put a little thought into your appearance. And be sure to download our CNA Interview Guide. Here are the dos and don’ts of interview style:

The Clothes

DO: Always err on the side of overdressing than underdressing. A suit jacket with a pair of dress slacks or a skirt is a classic option for your caregiver or CNA job interview. If you don’t have a suit jacket or blazer, no problem. Wear a collared shirt or a nice cardigan and blouse. Make sure your outfit is clean and ironed.

DON’T: Don’t wear anything overly flashy or skin-barring. If there is any doubt with the outfit, something else.

Makeup and Jewelry

DO: Wear modest makeup and jewelry. Keep it simple.

DON’T: Avoid wearing the same makeup you wear out on a Saturday night to the club. Likewise, large hoops and lots of jewelry could get in the way where you are working your caregiver jobs, so don’t wear it to the interview.

Miscellaneous (but important!) Items

DO: Wear a smile! Employers are eager to see a positive attitude, so show it!

DON’T: Avoid showing tattoos. Many seniors come from a time when tattoos weren’t common, so be respectful of the clientele and hide your skin art.

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