Creating a myCNAjobs Profile That Gets The Most Job Offers

When applying for caregiver or CNA jobs, it is important to stand out. Why? The more you stand out, the more calls from employers you’ll receive, the more job offers you’ll get, and the greater your chances of getting the hours and wages you’re seeking. That’s right…a better myCNAjobs profile can lead to more money!Continue reading “Creating a myCNAjobs Profile That Gets The Most Job Offers”

Florida Nursing Home’s Now Hiring PCA’s. What does that mean for you?

As the effects of the global pandemic continue to impact staffing shortages across the country, Florida has taken action to relieve some stress for nursing homes struggling to fill shifts. Unlike restaurants or grocery stores who can shut down or limit operations due to the lack of employees, nursing homes are faced with the difficultContinue reading “Florida Nursing Home’s Now Hiring PCA’s. What does that mean for you?”

Easterseals Arkansas is Hiring Direct Support Professionals

We came across a company that really impressed us by their compassion for care. Easterseals Arkansas is focused on advancing the abilities of not only their clients, but also for coaching up their employees through free training and career development. We wanted to share their story! Who is Easterseals Arkansas? Easterseals Arkansas is a pioneerContinue reading “Easterseals Arkansas is Hiring Direct Support Professionals”

Minimum Wage By State

Are you wondering what the minimum wage is by state? Here’s a quick reference as of March 2021. Please note that the current administration is working towards a Federal increase of $15 per hour.  Caregiver pay and wages for certified nursing assistants may vary. If you’re looking to get a sense for what companies are payingContinue reading “Minimum Wage By State”

Do I need a diploma to get CNA Certified?

Many people have been coming to us with this question on becoming a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). So, We’ve put together some information on what’s important, and how to get started!  Even if you don’t currently have a high school diploma or a GED, you are still eligible to enroll in CNA training.  Some trainingContinue reading “Do I need a diploma to get CNA Certified?”

Home Instead Caregiver, CNA, & Home Health Aide Jobs

Hi y’all. We wanted to share insight on a great home care company that is hiring throughout the nation (they literally have thousands of openings). Meet Home Instead!  What’s neat is that they offer opportunities for caregivers without experience and hire caregivers with a lot of experience, too.  There are jobs depending on your journey inContinue reading “Home Instead Caregiver, CNA, & Home Health Aide Jobs”

How Can I Get The COVID-19 Vaccine? Caregiver Guide To The Vaccine By State.

We’re glad you’re here! We’ve consolidated all of the links to find access to information about the COVID-19 vaccine and how you can receive it. Many certified nursing assistants working within a community or hospital setting may have already received the vaccine. However, many home care workers have not.  Here’s what we know so far aboutContinue reading “How Can I Get The COVID-19 Vaccine? Caregiver Guide To The Vaccine By State.”

CNA Practice Test

Now that you’ve completed your CNA training program, it’s time to take your CNA Final Exam Test. You’re getting close to being able to work as a CNA, the fastest growing job in America! You can prepare for your state written test with myCNAjobs’ nurse-written CNA Practice Test. Practice tests are one of the mostContinue reading “CNA Practice Test”

CNA Practice Written Exam

After completing your CNA training program, you’ll need to take the CNA Final Exam Test to become a CNA. The CNA exam is separated into two sections: a written exam and a clinical skills test. The written portion of the exam uses multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of the nursing concepts that you learnedContinue reading “CNA Practice Written Exam”


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