Understanding the difference between HHAs and CNAs

We know that there are a lot of acronyms to get right in this industry – so let us help you straighten it all out! Today, we’ll dive into the difference between a HHA and CNA. And don’t worry – it’s actually super easy.

Overall, the job description for both roles means being a personal care assistant to clients who need support, companionship, and care. The value-add of a certification allows the caregiver to perform more service to their clients while also having the added benefit of making you a more attractive candidate to employers. Trying to decide which certification is right for you? Keep reading!

HHA Duties & Responsibilities

HHAs or (Home Health Aides) mainly focus on providing basic, personal care to their clients. HHA’s may assist in dressing, bathing, shopping, preparing meals, cleaning, and other light housekeeping tasks. Although these tasks make up most of the role, some states do allow HHAs to administer medications along with other light medical tasks as well. HHAs typically work in home care exclusively. Interested in receiving a HHA certification? Check out this program to see if it meets your state’s requirements and become fully certified as an HHA!

​​CNA Duties & Responsibilities

CNAs or (Certified Nursing Assistants) also typically provide non-medical, direct patient care, but with a few exceptions. They work under supervising RNs, LPNs, and doctors by more commonly taking and recording vital signs, monitoring general health and reporting changes, and assisting the patient with daily living activities (bathing, dressing, eating, etc.). CNAs work in home care as well as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Interested in receiving a certification? We think both of these options are a great fit! For a CNA certification, find a CNA school near you here and when you’re ready, take the CNA practice exam here. For HHAs, check out this program to see if it meets your state’s requirements and become fully certified as an HHA!

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