What NOT to Wear To Your CNA Job

You probably read that title and thought to yourself, “But we all wear scrubs to work, so how could you wear the wrong thing?”

Fair question, but the reality is that some folks can even mess scrubs up, and it affects how clients, staff, and nurses perceive them. Dress well for your Certified Nursing Assistant job and communicate to those around you that you care about your work.

Every Certified Nursing Assistant wears some kind of scrubs to work, but some come into their CNA Jobs with wrinkled and stained scrubs. Frankly, it just looks unprofessional and it communicates apathy for your job to both residents and supervising nurses. Do yourself and your career a favor by folding your scrubs after they come out of the laundry – they’ll be wrinkle free. Being a CNA can be kind of chaotic, so if you’re like me and you forget every now and them to fold clothes immediately after they’re dried, throw wrinkled scrubs back in the dryer with a wet towel and it’ll steam the wrinkles out! Takes 10 minutes max!

Wear shoes that are comfortable, but don’t look incredibly beat-up. Also keep in mind that old shoes are prone to odors that others can smell – and that’s not fun for anyone. When you get new shoes, spray them with Febreze regularly, and you’ll avoid them picking up odors for a long time.

Finally, keep your hair neat and clean. Nobody likes to look at a greasy head and your patients certainly don’t want your hair hanging over them as you provide personal care assistance.

Working as a CNA isn’t all about appearances . . . but that’s part of it! Make yourself look presentable everyday and watch your CNA career take off!

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